I Owe My Rosacea-Free Face to a Goat Named Admiral Frodo.  [ Read more in New York Mag ]

Hello and Merry Christmas! Have you ever considered offering your body creams in a purse size package? I love both the smell and feel of the mother earth body cream and would love to have a smaller size available to keep with me. Thanks!

— Autumn

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have never heard of the activated charcoal as a cleanser. And it smells so much better than Comet or other hard cleansers! Yard work is nasty along with my feet afterwards – so much so that I have (had) to keep a shower scrub brush to get them clean; NO MORE! The first time I used it, I thought I imagined my feet were dirtier than what they must have been. Spoke with a friend and she said oh yeah! I gave her a bar for her husband who has a salvage yard. So, I now save the charcoal bar for the dirt!.

— Sandy D

I recently purchased the Arabian Wood thinking of giving it to my nephew but instead ending up using it my self and I love it. My skin feels like silk after using this soap and smells so fresh and clean. To be honest there is not one soap I have used that I didn’t feel was fabulous. I️ have enjoyed them all so much I have been making gift basket and giving them to my family. Thank you serenity for making my skin feel younger.

— Melinda

I bought several different soaps and lotions for my mom, sister, daughter in laws and myself of course for Easter gifts. They were fabulous and the 5 of us are completely hooked!!!

— Susan R. M.

I bought about 5 bars of your soap from the Country Store before Christmas for my son. He served in the Air Force in Afghanistan and several other countries. While there, he developed a skin rash on his face and it would get better and then get bad again. He tried several very expensive skin products and a couple worked pretty good. He tried your soap and  his skin now stays clear. Thank you  for doing what you do.

— Phyllis W.

HOLY COW!!! Or should I say, Holy Goat, what a difference a soap makes. I could not be more happy with your products. Used your soap for about two or three weeks now, your lotion and your salt-scrub, and I am delighted about the way my skin feels. Used Dove (no perfume) for 20 something years now and always have gone through a lot of lotion because of feeling “dry” after a shower and scrub down. NO MORE….Thank you for giving “life” back to my skin….. From one very happy customer.

— Aina O.

Love this Soap!

— Renee D.

I have autoimmune disorder and must be extremely careful. My skin has become so dry and chapped that smiling was painful. I developed a constant angry red complexion which hurt all the time. I had tried numerous products to little or no avail until Serenity Goat’s Milk Cream. My skin was soothed immediately. After a few days that awful angry redness diminished, and I can now smile easily! Thank you for making such a wonderfully healing product

— Michele S.

Lovely product – easy on my skin, scentless to my nose, and very pleasant to my pet’s nose. Best of all, after using it, my canine friend didn’t try to roll around and get rid of it, or restore herself to a more natural smell, which she has always done, even with other natural soaps. You’ve got two fans!

— Patrice M.

I want to thank you for making the Lemongrass Green tea body crème. I LOVE it !! I also love the pink color it’s so fun and girly. After my shower yesterday, I put the crème on and all day long people complimented me on the fresh scent. I told they about you and your products. Hopefully you will get some more orders. I am so grateful that you make such high quality products that smell wonderful and feel so good on.

— Michele S.

I started using your soap when I got pregnant and started researching all of the toxins in all my bath and beauty products. There are so many endocrine disrupters that are dangerous for both mama and baby. I love that your products are high quality and safe, plus they make my skin feel great! I’m hooked.

— Kim H.

I love this Mother Earth body Creme! I put it all over after my shower and love the way it moisturizes my skin. I love the scent also and have received so many compliments at work with people asking me what I’m wearing that smells so good. I just recently ordered my second jar of it and will continue ordering it for many years to come.

— Beth D.

This product is the most amazing skin care creme I have ever used and trust me, I’ve used a lot of different products!! I use it on my face and in other trouble dry spots and in a very short time, I found I cannot live without it!!

— Samm B.

I love this soap! This soap leaves my skin feeling like I’m covered in velvet. The scent is light and leaves your skin smelling so fresh and clean. The packaging is beautiful and perfect to give as a gift with no special wrapping. I just love the goat profile included with every bar. As an animal lover, I appreciate the humane care you give your goats and love learning about one of the goats who helped make my bar of soap. I will definitely purchase more!

— Stephanie P.

Hubby has psoriasis and I have eczema, so we usually avoid clay products as too drying. But this lovely smelling soap has so much goat milk and oils, that it manages to clarify and moisturize at the same time. Love it!

— Lynda L.

Just to let you know…. I have alligator feet…. I was getting 1/4″ deep areas of pad that were peeling and had a crack between small toes..NOTHING helped. Had it for six months. I used the goat cream morning and night – feet are almost smooth. Amazed – and unlike coconut based products, not greasy.

— Sabrina S.

This soap is so rich and creamy and makes my skin feel amazing. Living in Florida all my life you can’t help but get sun and even dry skin and just after a week the dryness on my arms is gone. It smells great and not oily but is perfect for hydrating my skin. Can’t wait to try some of the other soaps I purchased. Thanks Serenity Farms!

— Melinda .

I just love my Skin Care Set, my hands are very rough from work. The scrub with the lotion makes them look and feel smooth. My first set is Mother Earth and I’m excited to try other items. I wish I could hug your goats, they are so beautiful. This is such a fresh product and I feel very good using it on my skin.

— Pam M.