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  • Goat’s Milk Body Crème – Lavender


    This all-natural Goat Milk Body Crème will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth with a light scent of lavender and again this is Grandma’s favorite and there are many men who love this scent and this creme. Lavender is soothing for the mind and body and a little of this creme will go a long way for your body and face providing moisture and leaving no greasy residue. Goat’s milk is so good for the inside and outside of your body. And our goats agree.


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  • Goat’s Milk Soap – Pest-Off! Shampoo Bar for Dogs and Humans


    We originally formulated this soap as a dog shampoo soap for our Jack Russell to help repel bugs with Lavender, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus while calming hot itchy spots with Lavender and Tea Tree along with a clean and fresh scent which doesn’t smell like bug soap at all. The scent found many human followers as well (do I have to use that on my dog?), so now it’s our go-to shampoo bar for dogs and humans alike. Disclaimer: The dogs still roll in the dirt right after the bath.

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