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Goats for Sale

Our 2020 kids are here and they are just the cutest and most adorable, including some very hard to find polled Saanen bucks. All kids are extensively socialized, vaccinated and growing like weeds. They will be available at weaning.

A 50% deposit is required to hold your goat. ADGA transfer and registration applications will be furnished at sale and final payment. Prices do not include shipping and you are encouraged to pick up your kid at the farm, unfortunately we do not deliver outside of our local area. Call us to make an appointment to meet your new goat friend.


 $200.00 Chipotle

Pure Nubian Buckling. Born 2/4/2020. What a flashy charmer who knows how to woo the ladies both human and goat alike. Great milking lines on both sides.


 $350.00 Ceylon

A real Nubian princess, great milk, great attitude and super cuddly. Born 2/4/2020. 4th generation on the farm.


 $150.00  Monkey

A super sweet Experimental buckling, will give you great milk in any doe he’ll breed down the road. His dam is half Alpine and half Nubian, the sire is a pure polled Nubian buck with lots of spots. He’s also a lover who loves face rubs.. Born 2/11/2020.


 $150.00 Mammoth

Polled Experimental (2/3 Nubian, 1/3 Alpine). Brother to Monkey. Handsome, dark and brooding.  Born 2/11/2020. He protects his brothers and will do the same with your does. He’s a perfect buck.


$150.00 Mao

Polled Experimental (2/3 Nubian, 1/3 Alpine). Third brother of the triplets along with Monkey and Mammoth. Last but not least for sure. He was actually named after Julie Mao from “the Expanse” TV show until we discovered that he wasn’t a doeling after all, so we dropped the Julie.

Parker (2)

$200.00 Peter Parker

Polled and Spotted American Nubian buckling. He’s also a charmer who loves to cuddle and chew on hair, one strand at a time.  He’s third generation on the farm, we have Grandmother Phoebe, Mama Pumpkin Spice and his aunt Penelope Danger. All are top milkers even as first fresheners and Phoebe refuses to dry up even at age 12, did we mention she is the herd queen still. Born 2/19/2020


$350.00 Peony

American Nubian doeling,  Sweet and sassy with lots of spots.  Mom has a ton of very sweet milk. She is an opinionated diva, but we love her and she’s worth it.  Born 2/19/2020


$350.00 Alaska

Super Saanen doeling,  Apple, Aloe and Azalea are her Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and guess what, they are all still on the farm. They are great milkers and loveable goats. None of them have ever been sick.  Born 2/21/2020


$100.00 Acorn

Polled Saanen buckling.  Be still my beating heart. He is the sweetest buckling of the bunch, he loves his sister Alaska and people even more. He has little ridges instead of horns. His mama’s milking side produces a ton of milk and this little man will be sure to steal your heart as well. Born 2/21/2020


$200.00 Cedar

Pure Nubian buckling, chocolate red brown with lots of white flash. His Mom’s udder is fabulous and she produces so much milk that the brothers can’t even drink it, they are already sprouting little milk goiters LoL. Callie is a true Balingary Nubian, not to tall, very robust and very sweet. He’ll make you a super herd sire.   Born 3/9/2020

Cypress 2

$200.00 Cypress (Hold)

Purebred spotted Nubian Buckling. He was a little fuzzy wuzzy when he was born and is now turning into a sleek spotted young man, even at 2 weeks old. Must be Mama’s milk and he is Mama’s boy, or let’s say Mama is a helicopter Mom for sure.   Born 3/9/2020


$200.00 Dandy

Polled Saanen Buckling. This is such a keeper. We’ve been looking for a super polled Saanen buck for a long time, found one we liked (his dad) and now here is perfection. A Dandy for sure. We even still have the Grandmother right here on the farm, along with the Mom and Dad.   Born 3/12/2020

Dapper Dan

$200.00 Dapper Dan

Polled Saanen Buckling, OMG, I can’t even. This guy was only four pounds when born, such a twinkle, and now he’s running with the best of them. My heart melts when I hear his voice and he is not afraid of anything, at 2 days he was already climbing Mount Mom. This guy will be on the forefront of your herd, watching out for his girls.  Born 3/12/2020