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Goats for Sale

Our 2019 kids are ready to find their new homes. We still have a few Saanen and Nubian kids available, all from strong milking lines and even some polled. All kids are dam raised, loved and hugged often a/k/a socialized, are current on vaccinations, on a coccidia prevention program and tatooed. A 50% deposit is required to hold your kid. ADGA transfer and registration applications will be furnished at sale and final payment. Kid prices do not include shipping and you are encouraged to pick up your kid at the farm, unfortunately we do not deliver outside of our local area. Call us to make an appointment to meet your new goat friend.

rain with nose

 $350.00 Rain

Polled Nubian Doeling. Born 2/9/2019. She’s beautiful and she knows it. Great milking lines on both sides.

Evi smaller

 $350.00 Evi SOLD

Polled Nubian Doeling. Born 2/19/2019. Mom’s a super milker and dad is spotted and polled.  Great spots in her future.

Shallan smaller

 $350.00 Smitten

A real Snubian princess, great milk, great attitude and super cuddly. Born 4/30/2019. Third generation on the farm.

Shallott smaller

 $150.00  Shallott

A super sweet Snubian buckling, will give you great milk in any doe he’ll breed down the road. The best of both breeds and super sweet on top. A lover. Born 4/30/2019

Dahling smaller

 $350.00 Dahling

Saanen doeling, Mom and Grandma are some of the best milkers in the herd. Born 2/25/2019. If you like the Wizard of Oz, this is the one for you, Mom is Dorothy and GrandMa was Auntie Em. We are keeping her sister in memory of Auntie Em. Long and bountiful lactation. Sweet personality. Fun.

Ari Smaller

$350.00 Ari

Saanen doeling, Also third generation on the farm, her brother Aki is for sale too. Born 2/11/2019. If we didn’t have all our replacement goats from last year, this one would be a keeper. Socialized with people through goat yoga and she loves the attention. Aloe and Azalea, her mom and grandma, have long and full lactations. Ari’s a super little goat.


$200.00 Aki SOLD

Saanen buckling. He’s sweet, loves people, and even at three months knows his way around the girl goats, which is why he had to move in with his big brother Frodo. Born 2/11/2019. Socialized with people through goat yoga and he loves the attention. Aloe and Azalea, his mom and grandma, have long and full lactations. Aki will make any herd a great sire that will be a joy to be around.


$150.00 Kaladin

Snubian buckling. He’s the lanky teenager from the neighborhood, but his dam Koala is one of our best milkers with lots of milk and a long lactation. Born 5/3/2019. Named after a hero, he will surely live up to his name.

Pinocchio small

$150.00  Pinocchio

Black as night polled Nubian Buckling. Loves his brother and loves people. His dam, Penelope, is daughter to our oldest and herd queen Phoebe. Long and full lactations. Born 5/5/2019. If you don’t like disbudding and love Nubians, this is the buck for you.  Pinocchio will make you proud and give you many great kids with half the disbudding. Who can ask for more.

Pluma 1 small

$200.00 Pluma SOLD

Flash and Panache, that’s Pluma, Pinocchio’s little brother. He knows he is a looker, but he’s still down to earth and gives kisses and cuddles. Phoebe, his grandma, is our herd queen and has given us plenty of milk over the years and is still milking. His dam, Penelope, has a lot of milk, even as a first freshener.  Born 5/5/2019

Lucky Charm small

$350.00 Lucky Charm

Purebred Nubian doeling, going back to the Balingary milking line. Fabulous, short and stocky, healthy Nubians with a lot of very sweet milk. They are opinionated divas, but we love them and they are definitely worth it. Spots are in the family. Born 5/10/2019

Moana (2) small

$350.00  Moana SOLD

Beautiful polled Nubian doeling with a lot of the Balingary milking line. Her dam, Minnie, is black with white polka dots, and her grandmother, Millimerrie, is now enjoying retirement after many years of plentiful milking. Born 5/11/2019

missy small

$350.00 Missy Pie

Nubian Doeling, the first of the triplets, and always up for a snack. A Millimerrie granddaughter, with lots of Balingary in the background. Morgana, the dam, has lots of milk for triplets and more. Born 5/11/2019.

Mulan small

$350.00 Mulan 

Sweet and spoiled, spotted and polled Nubian doeling, the second of the triplets. Born 5/11/2019. She loves to cuddle and gives kisses.

Miami small

$350.00 Miami SOLD

The third of Morgana’s triplets. Brown, spotted and black, all colors are possible in this combination. This will be a beautiful milker that any herd can be proud of. And a lover. Born 5/11/2019

Early Morning small

$200.00  Early Morning 

Polled and spotted pure Nubian buckling, the youngest of the kids. A stunner for sure. He was born at 2:54a, so it’s just right that he is such an awesome buckling. Eternity is the dam, and Sugar’s Eeva is the grandmother. If you hate disbudding and want great milkers with healthy and long lives, this is the buckling for you. Born 5/17/2019

Evening Star (2) small

$350.00 Evening Star SOLD

Nubian Doeling, Polled, black spots and an attitude, with super milking background, who can ask for more. Born 5/17/2019.