How Serenity Acres Farm Is Navigating The Corona Virus:

How Serenity Acres Farm is navigating the Corona Virus:

As a sustainable family farm, whose purpose it is to provide healthy products to our friends and customers, we are, especially now, determined to do everything we can to continue with that purpose. But it is just as important for us to keep the safety and health of our team and our customers in mind. So, here is what we will be doing for now in light of the current Covid 19 situation. :

What we’re doing with Farmer’s Markets and where can you buy our products:

  • we will not attend the Tallahassee Farmers Market until further notice;
  • you will be able to purchase our goat milk (both frozen and unfrozen) at the Community Co-Op at 1235 Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee as of Wednesday afternoon. Just ask for the pet milk, as all our dairy continuous to be labeled and sold as “pet food ingredient – not for human consumption”.
  • all of our soaps, lotions and other skin care items are still available on-line; and to help during these unprecedented times, we have a big discount starting tomorrow until the end of April to make our soaps & products available to all at a lower price.
  • for those of you who inquired, our products are not and will not be available through the Red Hills On-line market, their board has voted against carrying our products since they are  labeled “pet food ingredient”.

What we’re doing on the farm:

  • we continue to operate our farm with our current fabulous helpers who are sheltering with us on the farm and who all have extended their stays for the foreseeable future,
  • we have increased the already strict sanitation guidelines: everything and everyone gets cleaned, sanitized and washed all the time;
  • we are taking temperatures daily and monitoring for any signs of illness;
  • we are minimizing contact with the outside world

Additionally (and sadly) all of our scheduled March and April farm tours and Goat Yoga Sessions have been canceled, and any future tour, visitation or event scheduling is on hold. As soon as it is safe, we will reschedule all postponed events, so keep your eye on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

All website sales of soaps/lotions etc are 25% off (no coupon needed) through April:

Science has shown that washing your hands with SOAP for at least 20 seconds is even more effective to kill the virus than hand sanitizers; and with all this hand washing we wanted to make sure that everyone  has access to good quality soap that doesn’t dry out your hands and that even people with really sensitive skin can use. So we thought about how we could help to get our happy & healthy soap into your hands. We decided that since the health recommendation is 20 seconds hand-washing, we would need to one-up and and give you a 25% discount on everything on our website through the end of April. We hope that brings a smile to your face and warms your heart, along with cleaner and healthier skin. Maybe we should make a hashtag #20getsyou25 :-). Btw, all other promotions/coupons are disabled while this discount is in effect.

Beyond this, we’ll be doing our best to continue to navigate these challenges and keep you up to date with news from the farm as we head through this uncharted territory together.

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