We do not test any of our products on animals, we strictly adhere to our Animal Welfare Approved certified standards. The Pest-off soap can be used on your dogs, but we tried it out first on ourselves, before we started washing the dogs with the soap.

All of our products are vegetarian, we do not use lard or tallow in any of our soaps.

All of our products are gluten-free, except for the Almond-Oatmeal scrub which contains oatmeal. As yummy as the soap smells, we would encourage you not to consume it however.

All of our products are safe to use on your entire body.

Goats milk has a ph balance that is close to your skin and the goat’s milk soap will clean your skin without stripping all the essential oils from your skin. As we do not pasteurize our milk, all the natural vitamins and nutrients are also still present in the milk which will be available for your skin when you use the soap.

Our soaps are considered to be true soaps consisting only of farm fresh goat milk and oils. All of our ingredients are food-grade and we do not use artificial colorants. We do use the highest quality phthalate free fragrance oils in a few of our soaps where there is no natural alternative available.

Each and everyone of our bars has on average 15 – 20% fresh and pure goat’s milk in it.

No, each and every one of our bars is made with farm fresh goat’s milk.

We use the highest quality essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils available to us. We only use fragrance oils in a few of our scents where a natural alternative is not available. These scents have been customer favorites and for that reason we are continuing to offer them, such as Almond Oatmeal, Arabian Wood Shaving, or Green Tea Lemongrass.

Yes, we use lye in our soap. Lye is a necessary ingredient in the soap making process as the chemical reaction between each lye molecule and fat molecule creates the soap molecule. No lye, no soap. After about 48 hours that chemical reaction is complete (it’s called saponification) and all lye molecules have teamed up with all fat molecules and now there are only soap molecules left and no lye. As a matter of fact, we put more oil into our soaps than is necessary to team up with the lye, so all our soaps have that extra dash of moisturizing oils in them.

Our soap is cured or aged (like a fine wine) for a minimum of 6 weeks so that it will be harder and last longer.

Keep your packaged soaps in a dry location, out of direct sunlight. The soaps in your shower or bathtub should be sitting on a soap saver out of the water for best and lasting use.

Our premium bars of soap contain only the highest quality ingredients and will last you a lot longer than a designer cup of coffee plus it will make you smell nice and help support a small family farm.

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with your order, we are only an email or a phone call away from making things right.