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Apple Cider Vinegar on The Farm

So Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is one of the more widely used products on the farm. Why? Here are the reasons: 1. we put a splash in all the animals waterers to reduce algae growth and bacteria growth (due to it containing acetic acid as well as lactic acid, succinic acid and even citric acid). 2. we use it

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Learn To Make Soap, Part 2: The Terms and Tools – find it in Mother Earth News

Learn To Make Soap, Part 2: The Terms and Tools Continue your journey to discover your inner successful soap maker with these step by step instructions in part 2 of the 3 part blog. This is the second blog in the soap making series appearing in Mother Earth News. Click the following link to read more:

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Mother Earth Newsletter: Farm-Made Goat’s Milk vs Corporate-Brand Soaps

This article/blog posted in the latest Mother Earth Newsletter is near and dear to my heart and mission of minimizing toxins in our environment and products that we eat and use ever since both my parents passed away from cancers. My parents growing up and living in Europe, belonged to that generation that grew up with wholesome food for the

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Sustainable Farming Magazine/A Greener World mentions Serenity Acres

Check out this link in AWA’s Sustainable Farming Magazine  for the latest mention of Serenity Acres Farm! Check out our mission and purpose to push for sustainability, decreasing toxins in our environment and products we all use and to push for animal welfare in farming and encourage female farm owners:

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Mother Earth News Blog by Serenity Acres: Comparing Soap Ingredients…

Here is our latest blog for Mother Earth News. For a little bit of investigating, we compared the ingredients of the widely known Dove Bar with the ingredients in our goat’s milk soap. “Comparing Soap Ingredients: Farm-Made Goat’s Milk vs Corporate-Brand Soaps” Here are the ingredients listed on the Dove Brand label, with a comparison to the ingredients in our

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