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Do Germs live on Bar Soap?

I recently came across an interesting statistic, it said that many people are concerned about germs living on bar soap and possibly getting sick from that, so they avoid bars of soap and buy liquid soap. I set out to do some research into that concern and came up with some surprising answers:  1. yes, germs can live on a

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October 27th New Date for Farm Tour

Serenity Acres Farm will be open on October 27th from 10 a.m. to 4:30p. Gates will open at 9:30a and will close at 4:30p and the last hayride will leave at 4:00p. We will not be open on Sunday, October 28th, to give the goats a well deserved rest. Hope to see you here on the 27th. Julia and the

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Farm Tour Postponed to October 27th/28th due to Hurricane Michael

The Annual 2018 Farm Tour scheduled for this weekend has been postponed to October 27th/28th as many of the participating farms experienced damage from Hurricane Michael. All of Serenity Acres two and four legged residents are fine, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were in the path of Hurricane Michael. We will be open on October

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What is so special about Activated Charcoal & Activated Charcoal Soap?

We have been making our activated charcoal soap for about five years and it’s been increasingly popular. We started making it in response to customer requests who wanted an all natural soap to get rid of caked on gardening dirt and find something to clean mechanics’ hands. Now Activated Charcoal is one of the trendy items in all-natural body care

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Apple Cider Vinegar on The Farm

So Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is one of the more widely used products on the farm. Why? Here are the reasons: 1. we put a splash in all the animals waterers to reduce algae growth and bacteria growth (due to it containing acetic acid as well as lactic acid, succinic acid and even citric acid). 2. we use it

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Learn To Make Soap, Part 2: The Terms and Tools – find it in Mother Earth News

Learn To Make Soap, Part 2: The Terms and Tools Continue your journey to discover your inner successful soap maker with these step by step instructions in part 2 of the 3 part blog. This is the second blog in the soap making series appearing in Mother Earth News. Click the following link to read more:

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