Perfect for the most sensitive and delicate skin and nose. Unscented goatsmilk soap can be used where allergies, psoriasis and other skin conditions react badly to chemical and fragrant ingredients. Great for the office environment where scents and perfumes are not allowed.

Our very lovely but stinky bucks and especially Frodo will vouch that they have come nowhere near the soap, even though they are the face of the soap. The goatsmilk though has been proudly contributed by their wives, sisters and girlfriends.

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Product Description

Grade A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, AWA Fresh Goat’s Milk*, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Purified Water, without any essential or fragrance oils.

Meet Admiral Frodo!

His Favorite Quote: "It is better to create than to learn. Creating is the essence of life." —Julius Caesar His Favorite Things: Rubbing his head on his human friends, grazing in the evening, hanging with his buddies, flirting with the girl goats. Breed: Saanen Mother: Fairplay Father: War Admiral Birthday: 3/29/2014 Sign: Aries


  1. Dhalia .

    (verified owner) :

    Hello! I met you ladies at the Modern Femme Conference…bought a couple soaps for my makeup artistry business….so far the best soap to clean brushes and sponges. I’m hooked! Thank you for visiting VA otherwise I would have never learned of you guys! 😉

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