Serenity Outdoor Protective Blend


  • Mosquitoes hate it
  • DEET-Free
  • Essential oil blend
  • Safe & healthy

Mildly sweet and spicy scent with herbal notes of grass & cucumber.

Introducing Serenity Skincare! Our philosophy is simple, feel good about what goes on your skin. Our skincare products are lovingly crafted with premium essential oils, leaving your skin feeling feeling healthy and protected.

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Product Description

Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Purified Water, EOSolve 12 (Surfactant).

Deet Free! Mosquitoes and other Flying Critters Hate it! Gentle on Your Skin. On the Farm we use it on us, the goats, horses, dogs and free roaming children.
DIRECTIONS: Apply to exposed skin. When applying to face or children, spray into hands first & then rub gently on face or skin. For external use only. Rinse sprayer occasionally with warm water.


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