Are you done with school or college or are at some other junction in your life and want to spend a gap year trying something new? How about by helping out on a farm as a way of giving back, developing life skills, learning all about good food and where it comes from (as opposed to “I buy my meat at the grocery store, no animals are harmed in the process”), living the simple life, taking care of livestock, and learning to live closer to your roots and Mother Earth.

We are a 60 acre Animal Welfare Approved certified working farm and raw goat milk dairy.

We are looking for energetic and positive people who like to work with animals outdoors and who are interested to really learn how to run a farm & dairy and who are willing to help us on our farm in exchange for warm/clean room and great food. We usually have 6 wwoofers/interns on the farm. We have a diverse dairy goat herd to produce raw milk, yogurt, cheeses and soap; we have truly free-range chickens for eggs, and a small herd of Black Angus Cattle; we also have horses, ducks, dogs, cats, fruit trees, and (most of the time) a large vegetable garden, where we grow vegetables for our own consumption.

Work Hours

The work hours are determined by the task and may include night hours during kidding season, early mornings for milking, evening hours to finish cheese and yogurt made in the morning, or closing chickens in at dusk. If you like to complain about long hours, hard work, dirty feet, or don’t like music and dancing in the milking parlor, this farm is not for you. We do try to provide plenty of hang time to relax and go for a swim or for a ride.

We accept helpers year round as the climate is fairly mild in the winter and work continues throughout the year.

Living Quarters

Living quarters consist of a fully furnished community house with bathrooms including access to wireless and laundry facilities. Dinners are usually eaten community style at the farmhouse and everyone takes a turn cooking. As meals are included, help with preparation and clean-up is a must. Lacto-vegetarians are totally welcome.

We expect reliability, honesty and a strong work ethic. Absolutely no illegal drugs (zero tolerance) and no smoking

No pets or children as we have Livestock Guardian Dogs. For our peace of mind we might ask for references. We speak English, German and some French.

Farm Location

Valdosta is 20 miles and Tallahassee is 50 miles. No public transit available, but we pick up from the Greyhound Station or airport in Valdosta, Georgia. Plenty of recreation opportunities available along the nearby rivers and natural forests for hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, canoeing and horseback riding.

Helpful Download Links

Take a video tour of the farm

Korakor visits the farm